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Things to update
  • Upload all pictures from all recent occasions
  • Provide anyone who's interested with access to the website
  • Update the events section
  • Update family info. section

Riviera Maya
I'd like to get a poll started here soon regarding when we should return to Mexico:
  • Next Year? :)
  • 3 Years From Now?
  • 5 Years From Now?
  • 10 Years From Now? (with parents still paying)

Open to suggestions...
If anyone has any ideas for a section to the page, for instance favorite sports team info.? or perhaps Seinfeld quotes/trivia?  Let me know!

  Welcome to the NEW Magnesen.NET

Plebe-Parent Weekend

Here's the latest from Pat at West Point.  I thought everyone in the family would be interested in seeing some current photos of Pat and how he's doing in New York.  My ma took these pictures, so you know they're good!  Click here to see them.


New Guide Training Pic's Click Here


Oregon Pictures Click Here

Oregon Update::

I am doing well here in Oregon right now, working in the office for the rest of the week, then I head to their warehouse to set up the rafts for their trips, then I think I'm going to be heading to a 4-5 rafting trip with the guides here.  So it should be fun.  I'm going to be posting all of the pictures I take here after I resize them down a bit.  So keep paying attention for a new link to check out some cool pics.  Miss everyone back home in IL, talk to you all soon.



I've just started to work on this website and I hope to have it functioning completely before the end of the weekend, however, that's also taking into consideration my two tests I have next week, so we'll see how much I can get put up here.

I'm not going to forget about the website like I did on my previous attempt and I also will not post scores about my intramural sports teams I have here at Carthage :).

If anyone has any pictures or information that they would like seen on the website, please send them to me at mmagnesen@msn.com.

I'll hopefully be able to get some of our family events up under the events section as well as multiple libraries of pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's Anniversary party to our trip in Mexico, so check for frequent updates!

This last portion of the first news post I would like to extend an offer to one Caroline Magnesen.  Would you like to be given access to the website so you can update it whenever you please?  Because I know that even if I believe I'm updating it often, you'll still send me one of those forms to my email telling me what I can do better ;).  If you're interested just call or email me and we can easily arrange that.  Talk to everyone soon!



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